Can I make an exchange for a different color or size?

Yes, as long as the product is in its original packaging and is accompanied by the receipt.  WE are unable to except any returns that have been used or laundered.


How should I launder my satin pillowcase?  

Morning Glamour recommends machine wash in cold water and drying on low to medium heat.  A cool iron can be used if necessary.  Do not launder with sharp objects or Velcro, as it will snag the fabric.


What are the benefits to sleeping on a satin pillowcase?  

Fall asleep on the smooth comfort of a Morning Glamour satin pillowcase, and be kinder to your face.  Studies have shown that sleeping on a satin pillowcase can reduce wrinkles and help eliminate hair loss and breakage.  As you age, the "sleep wrinkles" that develop overnight do not disappear as quickly as they once did and may even become permanent. Yikes!

Also, friction between your hair and a cotton pillowcase can cause hair damage and breakage.  Double yikes!  When your head slides smoothly over a Morning Glamour satin pillowcase that damaging friction is eliminated and your hair stays healthier.

Beauty sleep takes on a whole new meaning with Morning Glamour.  You'll be hooked on Morning Glamour's satin bliss from the first night, and those sleep lines and broken hairs will be minimized.


What is special about Morning Glamour’s Product?  

Morning glamour pillowcases are Assembled in the USA of the softest satin charmeuse available.  They come with a unique pocket flap that “hugs” the pillow to keep the satin pillowcase in place while you sleep.


What size pillow do your pillowcases fit?  

We offer both the standard size that will fit a pillow 20” x26”.  It fits a majority of the standard size contour pillows as well.  We also offer our pillowcases in King size as well that will fit a pillow 20”x36”.