How Satin Pillowcases Affect Aging

We are all concerned with how our age shows over time and we often focus on keeping a youthful appearance. However, there may be some hidden reasons as to why we appear older than we actually are. One solution for anti-aging is by sleeping with a satin pillowcase. Satin does more than just rejuvenate your hair. It also can contribute to your skin by maintaining a youthful complexion. Here are a few ways in which a nice satin pillowcase can reduce the aging process.


Aside from natural aging, extrinsic aging is the kind of process that we can personally influence. Some of the ways to do so are through facial moisturizer and rejuvenation products. We often apply them before bed and let the moisturizers go to work. But the main problem with cotton pillowcases is that they absorb the natural and applied moistures present in your face. But a silk pillowcase will prevent that; they are smooth to the touch and they allow for any moisture to remain as is on your face. Other natural effect of the silk on your skin is a lack of redness. Cotton and other abrasive textures do not help when your skin needs a break from harsh conditions. As soon as you start using the silk pillowcase of your choice, you will find that your skin will be as smooth the pillowcase itself.


Another benefit for silk pillowcases is having a break from other, less ideal fabrics such as cotton. Aside from absorbing skin moisture, cotton also creates wrinkles and lines on your face overnight. This is an often, unseen artificial form of aging that we do not have to experience, but we often do without realizing it. Just imagine being able to wipe that whole ordeal out of the way by switching to silk pillowcases.


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