Lesser Known Benefits of Satin Pillowcases

Here at Morning Glamour, we are always open to talking about the many rejuvenative satin pillowcase benefits. There are the obvious ones, such as what the material does for your skin. However, there are also other benefits that most might not realize at first. Here are some of those benefits that just might get you excited enough to try out satin pillowcases for your own good night’s sleep.


Reduces heat from hot flashes

If you suffer from hot flashes, which is one of the symptoms resulting from menopause, then that can be pretty uncomfortable while you try to go to bed. If yo0u need a rest not just form your day, but also from the uncomfortable heat on your skin, then try laying your head against a satin pillowcase. Cool silk brings some more release to the pesky heat.

Eyelash protection

Don’t you hate it when you wake up with eyelashes on your cheeks (or worse, stuck in your eye)? If you use cotton or other coarse pillowcases, then this easily allows for your eyelashes to break as they rub against them. But with Satin pillowcases, you can rest your head with less breakage. Your eyelashes with just move along the smooth surface, rather than clashing with it.

Calms the side effects of Chemotherapy

On a more serious note, satin materials can actually help relieve the burden of the side effects of chemotherapy. Satin pillowcases help with cases of dry skin, and also help ease hair loss since the smooth texture prevents any hair from getting snagged as often. Also, because of the soft, rejuvenating texture, you can experience a much relaxing rest.

Less allergies

Allergies can finally take a back seat with help from these satin pillowcases. If there are allergies in the air, then you certainly don’t want any where you rest your head. Absent of any irritating chemicals, and filled instead with natural substances that keep back allergies in the atmosphere.


Healthy Hair

Say goodbye to bedhead. Satin pillowcase benefits include preserving agents that keep your hair the way you want it in the morning. Satin materials reduce any knotting and static with your hair, keeping your hair as soft, moisturized, and untangled as you prefer.


For more information on other satin pillowcase benefits, then please feel free to check out our main benefits page. If you have any questions regarding shopping options, then please feel free to contact Morning Glamour today.