Traveling can be a nightmare when it comes to getting good beauty sleep. Jet lag, noisy hotel neighbors, unfamiliar’s hard to get beauty sleep when you’re away from home. Feeling fatigued when you’re traveling, especially for work, can really ruin things, but having a game plan in place can turn things around. Here are a few tips for getting some great beauty sleep while traveling.

Bring Your Own Travel Pillowcase

Of course, we have to mention that bringing your own pillowcase while you travel is a must. This isn’t just a shameless plug either; it has merit. Sleeping with familiar materials like pillowcases can ease anxiety and stress- and therefore make you appear more rested and glowing. A satin travel pillowcase is even better- as the satin material protects your skin from creasing and keeps beauty products on your face- not your pillow. You’ll wake up with glowing, moisturized skin.

If you have the space it can also be helpful to bring a few other comforts from home. Some cozy socks or slippers, your favorite robe, a blanket- they can all go a long way toward putting you into a sleepy state of mind.

Minimize Noise

It’s difficult to control noise levels in a hotel room, but there are some steps you can take to minimize the chances of a noisy room as much as possible. When you’re booking your room, request one that is away from elevators and on a higher floor. The hotel will most likely be able to accommodate you.

Some people also find that bringing a portable white noise machine is helpful for sleeping away from home. The ambient sounds are relaxing and help to drown out noise from the outside. You can find a portable white noise machine in various price ranges, from $10 to over $100.

Stick to Your Regular Routine

Above all, sticking to a normal routine will benefit your sleep greatly. If you arrive at your destination late at night when you would normally be going to bed, go ahead and hit the sheets. Try to stay as close to your normal sleeping schedule as your itinerary permits. Eat meals at your normal times to keep your digestive system on track. Basically, keep your body as regulated as possible.

Make sure to try these 3 tips on your next trip, whether it’s for business or pleasure. Remember- sleep is the most important beauty secret there is. There’s no replacing it! Bon Voyage!