How many times have you gone on a long trip and dreamed about returning to your bed on the last day? Only probably every time! Well you won’t have to follow that routine any longer. As a part of our Product spotlight, we would like to present some of the unique qualities of our Travel Bag Pillowcase sets. Not only are these packages a delightful convenience for traveling with your satin pillowcase, but they also add to your rejuvenation by carrying your makeup essentials so that your skin will be well taken care of before and after your sleep. Here are just a few more details on our available Travel Bag Pillowcase Sets.


Specific Features

Each set comes equipped with 1 travel/make up bag for you to keep your make-up, skin care, and other beauty properties. The pillowcases come in 11 colors for this catalog. The colors include Aqua, Black, Dot, Floral, Gold, Ivory, Leopard, Pink, Purple, Red, and Silver. Each pillowcase is 20” x 26” and are 100% satin charmeuse polyester. They also come with a special pocket flap. This flap holds the pillowcase while you sleep in peace. Now no matter where you go, you won’t have to worry about the pillowcase shifting back and forth in the middle of the night.


Pillowcase Rejuvenation

The pillowcase allows for rejuvenating features all on its own. This satin pillowcase allows for preserving your skin and hair care. You will wake up the same as you did when you went to bed, without any surprising dry or oily skin. Your hair will not get pulled or tangled through the night. This is accomplished by the satin pillowcase being smooth enough to allow your hair and skin to slide by without any conflicting textures.


Heavenly Travels

Whether you are going for a company, family, or personal vacation, you will find these pillowcases will bring a consistent comfort no matter where you venture to next. For more information on our pillowcase products and their capabilities, be sure to contact Morning Glamour today. Your next vacation will be more relaxing than you could have imagined.