I Woke Up Like This

Beyoncé does not have to be the only one who is able to say proudly “I woke up like this.” Waking up beautiful may seem like no easy task but there are a few ways to step up your game. It is possible to rise and shine looking and feeling beautiful! You may be surprised to hear that the secret to your morning beauty lies in your pillow case. Morning Glamour brings you a satin pillowcase that has you waking up saying “Hello Gorgeous!” The anti-aging pillowcase brings a whole new meaning to beauty sleep. The Morning Glamour satin pillowcase gives you 3 ways to wake up beautiful!

How to Wake Up Beautiful

Eliminate Facial Creases

First, the anti-aging pillowcase smooth satin finish allows your skin to glide along it smoothly rather than forming those dreaded creases that you wake up with in the morning. Besides the fact that these morning creases make you look tired and like you literally just rolled out of bed, over time these lines can actually lead to permanent wrinkles in your face. The delicate satin material gives you an anti-aging pillowcase that doesn't create morning lines OR form wrinkles in the skin! How can you turn down something as simple as a wrinkle-reducing pillowcase?

Get Rid of Bedhead

Another struggle we face in the morning is our hair. We all know that most of the time our morning hair doesn't work in our favor. Cotton pillowcases cause friction leading to frizzy, tangled hair. Not a good look. In fact, sleeping on a cotton pillowcase is actually bad for the overall health of your hair and can lead to breakage. If you want to wake up with smooth hair that stays in place, a satin pillowcase allows our strands to glide along without turning into a bird’s nest. As opposed to satin, cotton also strips the moisture from your hair which results in dry, coarse hair.

Get Dewey Fresh Skin

Lastly, satin is the perfect material to keep our skin soft and acne free. Like we said, cotton absorbs moisture and will strip your face of all the much needed moisture to keep your skin from becoming dry. Not to mention all those expensive skin care creams you put on at night don’t stand a chance on cotton. Cotton absorbs moisture and stores bacteria, which causes breakouts. Morning Glamour satin pillow cases will have you waking up feeling beautiful and ready to face the day!