Satin materials are beneficial for protecting your skin and hair as you sleep. However, when you come to look through our shopping catalog, you will find more than just a general satin pillowcases for hair and skin. You will find various products that can be wonders for your beauty and health. Today as another product spotlight blog, we would like to take a moment to talk about the capabilities of each unique singles standard satin pillowcase for hair and skin care.

Benefits of a Satin Pillowcase for Hair and Skin

Each of our satin pillowcases carry features that bring both relaxing and therapeutic power to the person sleeping. Satin materials are smooth enough to allow for your hair to glide across the case without any surface friction. This prevents static cling, as well as crinkling and entanglements of the hair strands. It also is non-absorbent, so you can lay your head and hair down with the confidence that any moisturizer for your skin or hair will be free to go to work while you sleep. No more pillowcases that absorb the moisturizer instead.


Product Specifications

Each standard-sized satin pillowcase contains a convenient stay-put pocket flap. This allows each pillowcase to stay put in the proper position while we sleep, without any capability of falling off of the pillow. This is perfect for those of us who just can’t stay still while we sleep. However, you won’t have to worry about your pillowcase being comfortable or not, because it is made out of 100% satin charmeuse polyester. As mentioned earlier, your hair can just glide off of the pillowcase without any risk of getting pulled or entangled while you sleep.

It is 20” x 26”, and comes in the following colors: Black Satin, Fuchsia Jewel Solid, Ivory Satin, Leopard Satin, Live, Love, Mint Satin Solid, Peach Satin Solid, Pink Satin, Purple Jewel Solid, Red Satin, Royal Jewel Solid, Satin Aqua, Satin Black/White Polka Dot, Satin Gold, Satin Pink Camo Print, Silver Satin, Yellow Satin Solid, Single Pretty Floral, and two Word Print Satin pillowcases. These include one that reads “Beauty Sleep”, and another which reads “Live, Love, Dream.”


Further Resources

This is more than just a satin pillowcase for hair and skin care. It is a pillowcase for genuine relaxation. For more information on the capabilities of a satin pillowcase for hair and skin health, be sure to visit our benefits page. If you still have more questions, then feel free to contact us today.